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“Ich-Metamorphosen” is a comprehensive, multimedia encyclopedia constructed around the theme “The Artificial Human”. Starting from the initial point of “Blade Runner”(Ridley Scott, 1943), the user discovers his way through a three-dimensional universe consisting of “containers” which include information and thematic links ranging from A (e.g. artificial intelligence) to Z (Zion). It is a journey through the bizarre world of cybernetics (human-machine), bioinformatics (cloning, gene manipulation) and cyberspace as well as through the questions of consciousness and self recognition in an inter-connected world. “I think, therefore I am” (Descartes) - But who am I? - “I is another.” (A. Rimbaud)

Two HD-screens installed next to each other symbolize a multi-dimensional reflector. The content is presented as a complementary, reflective or contradictory image. Is our consciousness a reflection of reality - or vice versa?

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