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[4] The Social Context and the Pickup of Visual Information

In this project I tested whether the social context modulates the pickup of visual information in a table tennis game. Pairs of players played table tennis in a dark room while visual information about both player’s paddle and body was manipulated. The social context was manipulated by asking participants to play either cooperative or competitive table tennis. I found that:
  • The social context modulates the critical sources of visual information about the interaction partner but not about the self
  • In cooperation it is important to see the interaction partners paddle and in competition it is important to see the interaction partners body
  • In both contexts it is important to see the own arm but not the own paddle
related publications:

The Effect of Social Context on the Use of Visual Information Experimental Brain Research (EBR2012) Streuber, Knoblich, Sebanz, Bülthoff, De La Rosa [link to PDF]

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